Meet Summer

Although we can alter our lives by changing our environment, most significant changes occur when we find effective ways to change our inner landscape, because that is the environment that we will always have with us. - Timothy Gallwey and Bob Kriegel from “Inner Skiing”


Summer Liu, MA

I like coaching others for the chance to get to know each person deeply and to witness the transforming process in each person’s life. I believe everyone has the power to make their life different, they just need a different angle to see it themselves – coaching provides that angle. 


“She (Summer) is a wonderful coach. I was at first skeptical of coaching, but she made me a believer. Thanks for referring me to her.” 

Client, United States






I would like to thank Summer for her coaching: this was really helpful, I was able to progress quickly and very practically on specific aspects of my personality! Through excellent listening and efficient questioning, Summer has guided me to make my own choices, analysis, decisions and commitments. Gently but surely, she structured the progress at each session and solutions appeared progressively and naturally. So I recommend! Great experience and results!
Client, France



Life Coaching with Summer helped me better focus my aspirations to accomplish my life’s purpose and calling. Our sessions began very easily and took place every other week for six sessions.  Summer was easy to talk with and made me feel very comfortable.  She helped me realize my true ambitions as well as some things that hindered me from achieving them.  I would not have made these discoveries without her coaching assistance.  I admit I was a bit dubious at first, but now realize how beneficial coaching can be.  For anyone seeking a practical path to achieving their life’s goals, I enthusiastically recommend Summer as a Life Coach.
    Client, United States